Creating Brighter Futures for Teenagers

Neon Youth Mentorship

The Neon Schools Project is a local initiative, passionate about creating brighter futures for teenagers. We work to engage, educate, equip and empower the young people (aged 11-18) in our city to make positive life choices, successfully navigate the challenges that come their way, discover their own capability of positively shaping the world around them and to show them how truly valuable they really are.

The truth is that being a teenager is not easy, and there are way too many young people in our city that are struggling in silence and suffering on their own because of lack of provision. We want that to stop.

One of the ways we want to do this is by setting up the Neon Mentorship Programme – a programme that partners with local schools to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those at risk of exclusion, those struggling in their family life and with their mental health that otherwise don’t have a safe place to turn to.

We want to send in trained mentors across the local schools to provide weekly 1-to-1 sessions. In these sessions we want to encourage the young people to share, provide a listening ear and let them know that they are not in this on their own, that they have a voice and they matter.

Through the programme we will train up volunteers to help young people through a range of activities and workshops to:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop mental resilience
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Help them avoid damaging experiences (e.g. school exclusion)

We will also be delivering 6 week courses, lunch time sessions and assemblies on different key topics – such as mental health & wellbeing, drug & alcohol awareness, anti-bullying, gang culture and knife crime. This will involve partnership with other amazing organisations such as Red Frogs and City Hearts.

We would love to invite you to partner with us through donating or through volunteering your time so that we can provide the young people in our city with tools and opportunities that enable them to discover all that they can be.

We believe that through this programme we can help change the trajectory of our young people’s lives.

We believe that when the young people thrive, so does the city.


To find out more information contact us on 0114 213 20270 and ask for our Neon Schools Team.