Buying Extra to Bless Extra

Hope Hampers

During the pandemic there was such a need for food provision. Hope Hampers developed its services,  through being awarded with emergency Food relief funding. This meant that from Christmas 2019 up until early this year, we have been able to  deliver around 1,500 Food Hampers to those in most need. As the need has grown, it has become clear that to continue in supporting our communities, Hope Hampers will also need to expand its capacity and in its ability to meet further needs. 

With this in mind, we have joined forces with the S6 Foodbank and Network Church to create our very own Foodbank which will be running from The Megacentre every Wednesday between the hours of 11-1pm. 

Are you in need of Emergency Food? 

If you have a support worker, get them to refer you:

S6foodbank@ncsheffield.org if not, then phone our phoneline on 01143 210733

Please phone at least 24 hours before the foodbank session.

Leave your name and Number. We will get back to you on a: NO caller ID number


For more information or to talk to one of our team call us on 0114 213 2070 and ask for our Hope Hampers teams.