Buying Extra to Bless Extra

Hope Hampers

“There is a distressing increase in the need to provide support to young people and their families with direct access to food parcels” (Leaving Care Service manager)

Our heart for the community is to be able to support the most vulnerable and their families through Hope Hampers. Through our Hope Hampers initiative, we want to encourage people to BUY EXTRA – BLESS EXTRA.

All it takes is to pick up a few extra items during the weekly shop and simply pop into The MegaCentre to drop them off into our food bins within the top entrance.

The rest is then down to our Hope Hampers team who will deliver to people’s doorsteps and is an amazing surprise to unsuspecting families and individuals.

Hope Hampers provides everyone with the chance to make a difference and bless those who may be less fortunate. The great thing about Hope Hampers is that anyone and everyone can get involved, and it is so easy to do so!

If you know of someone who would benefit from a Hamper, simply fill in the form below to request. We love and care for those within our communities and what better way to show this to someone.

By reaching out and providing gifts and food where there is a need, we have the privilege of bringing family and connection to those struggling and letting them know they are cared for and supported.


For more information or to talk to one of our team call us on 0114 213 2070 and ask for our Hope Hampers teams.