Valuable support for the families of offenders in prison

Hope For Families

Much of the support offered through our criminal justice system is directed either at the offender or at the victim of the offence.  Little or no support is offered to the families of offenders.  In many ways they are also indirect victims of crime.  Our Hope for Families programme aims to address this very real need. Whilst we are committed to the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, we are equally committed to reducing the impact imprisonment has on the family unit. Our Ex-Offenders Team have experience working with ex-offenders, whilst liaising with a variety of professionals and support organisations. Primarily though, we have a heart to connect with and just be there to listen to people who may be in difficult circumstances.


On the first Tuesday of every month between 4pm and 6pm, we have been offered the use of Press Coffee and Megakidz Indoor Play Zone at The Megacentre to run a free Drop-in for the families of people currently serving a prison sentence.

Imprisonment of a relative can have a huge effect on families, and the Hope For Families drop-in provides the opportunity for anyone currently impacted by the imprisonment of a family member, to come along to a safe space and find a listening ear.


Families can expect a warm welcome and a listening ear from our team and volunteers. We also prepare and serve a free meal for the family during the Drop-in.  Children up to 7 years old can have fully-funded use of the Megakidz Play Zone complete with a range of toys and play equipment.

Parents and family members will get the opportunity to chat with our team and share the challenges they face as well as build vital and supportive relationships with other people experiencing similar challenges.  Our team will offer advice and guidance and will be able to sign-post families to vital support either provided by us or other city-wide agencies.

Hope For Families is a great way for people to build relationships in the community, and access support in a friendly and relaxed environment.


For more information or to talk to one of our team call us on 0114 213 2070 and ask for our Ex-Offenders Team.