Meganursery Famly Privacy Policy

At Meganursery we use an online profile called Famly. We use Famly to share photos, videos and observations about your child’s learning and development. It also enables us to be able to send reminders to individuals or whole groups. It really helps us to build up a network and a community together.”

Through Famly parents get information about nappy changes, food intake, sleep, & other daily activities.

Parents are able to control who is able to access their account and grant either ‘parental’ or ‘family’ permission. Details of what these permissions include can be found on the app. It is the responsibility of parents to add or remove family members as appropriate.

Other than those granted permission by parents/ carers, the only other people with permission to view your child’s details are the staff of Meganursery.

The app will only be accessed by staff using Meganursery tablets and computers. The app will only be accessed whilst at the setting unless the children are on an outing or trip. Tablets are password protected and so is the Famly app. Therefore, if the nursery tablet is lost or misplaced no one will be able to gain unauthorised access. We also have the ability to locate and disable any tablet if it was to get lost.

The app is only used to store information that is needed to provide quality care for your child. The information is stored securely, in line with UK regulations and complies with GDPR.

If a staff member leaves the setting, then we will remove their access to the app.

If a child leaves the setting the information can be downloaded and given to the parent/ carer by email or paper form. This can be kept as a keepsake for parents or parents can pass this to their child’s next setting. For data compliance, the nursery is required to keep your child’s records for a period of time after they leave. Therefore, your child will be saved as a leaver and stored securely until it is no longer required, after this time it will be deleted. Parents will no longer be able to have access to the app their child’s information once they are filed as a leaver.

Famly do not retain data longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations. For a Respondent’s data, Famly’s employees have control of the purpose of collecting that data, and the duration which the Personal Data may be kept.

When Famly have no ongoing legitimate business need to process personal information, they will either delete or anonymise it, or, if this is not possible, then they will securely store the personal information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible. Famly has a “Data Protection Officer”, who is responsible for matters relating to privacy and data protection.